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Last weekend, I had all of my best college girlfriends in town for the weekend. It was so much fun having them in San Francisco and showing them some of my favorite spots in the city. Obviously, we needed to eat. Thursday, after picking one of the five up from the airport, we drove out to Outerlands to have breakfast and then explore Sutro Baths and the Lands End Trail (gotta show them the beautiful view of the Golden Gate Bridge!).

Outerlands was amazing. Not only is the ambiance and decor so creative and homey, but the food is outstanding. The best time to go to Outerlands for breakfast is on a random weekday or at 9am on a Saturday or Sunday (you know, before the hipsters wake up).



We started out with coffee and pastries. The buttermilk scone with white chocolate, coconut and almond was perfect. Warm, soft on the inside and crispy on the outside. It wasn’t too sweet, so it was a perfect start to the meal. We also shared a glazed doughnut with maple and spiced squash. This doughnut was incredible. The perfect mixture of savory squash with the maple glaze was the perfect combination.

For my actual breakfast, I ordered the “everything” plancha bread with fried egg, goat labneh and avocado.

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This breakfast was just light enough that I didn’t feel guilty for eating every last bite, but every single bite was perfection. The plancha bread was dense and moist with the perfect amount of crisp. The egg, over easy. The goat labneh was creamy and tart. I was very, very happy with my choice and know I’ll be craving Outerlands for breakfast again very soon.

Sharing an incredible meal with irreplaceable friends is my favorite way to make memories around a table. Catching up like no time has passed. Stealing bites off of each other’s plates. Admiring the ambiance. People watching. Talking. Laughing. Just being together. Outerlands did not disappoint.


Learn more about Outerlands here.



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