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I’m terrible at putting together lists of what I want. I guess my mentality has always been that if I want something, I’ll buy it for myself, or save for it until I can buy it for myself. I don’t like asking for things, which can be incredibly frustrating for the ones around me (ahem, The Boyfriend) who never know what to get me. This year, I put myself on a spending hiatus (which only partially worked, but I’ll take partial over not at all) so I’d actually have a list. So, below is my ultimate list of things I want this holiday season (or ever, really!).

1. Urban Decay Naked on the Run


This is so perfect for travel. It has all the necessities for on-the-go touchups or even full application when you’re traveling. This set is perfection.

2. GlamGlow SUPERCLEANSE Daily Treatment Cleanser


I have (and LOVE) all of the masks from the GlamGlow range and this is a new addition I can’t wait to try. I find that most of the masks, I generally only use once a week or even once every few weeks. I’d love to try this new Daily Treatment Cleanser to keep my collection complete. I’m confident I’ll love it just as much as I love the masks!

3. Saje At Your Desk Remedy Bar

Screenshot 2014-12-09 15.05.34

I struggle with anxiety, especially when I’m at work. I’ve been experimenting with Holy Basil Leaf tea as a calming agent, but I also do believe that aromatherapy can help immensely. I heard about Saje from a fellow VIB Rouge turned good friend and I’d really like to try this set.

4. ONA: The Chelsea camera bag


Since I started blogging more, I’ve been toting around my camera everywhere I go. I’d love a bag that is both stylish and protects my camera with enough space to carry around a spare lens. This bag is gorgeous and I think absolutely meets both of those needs. What’s even better? Free 2-Day shipping!

5. Archipelago Botanical Signature Candle – Bergamot Tobacco

Archipelago Candle

Oh, man. I am a sucker for candles. And this one smells absolutely heavenly. I’ll take two please!

6. At Home in the Whole Food Kitchen: Celebrating the Art of Eating Well


The Boyfriend might disagree, but I believe you can never have too many cookbooks, but I am a firm believer. This one piqued my interest as I’m focusing my cooking on preparing clean, wholesome meals. And the pictures! Gorgeous.


What are you wishing for this holiday season?



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