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Whew! It feels good to get back to the blog after a couple weeks of pure craziness at work. The week before last was Adobe Summit, the largest Digital Marketing Conference Adobe puts on every year. Needless to say, there was a lot of work that went into the conference and there was a lot of catching up on sleep afterwards…

One of the best parts about visiting Salt Lake City is getting to see Amanda! And even though we were so busy, it was good to know a friend was nearby.  We have so much fun together whether we’re at the office way too late, or talking about our favorite lipsticks.

Speaking of lipsticks… Spring is officially here! And what does that mean? Bloomin’ flowers, slightly warmer weather (although it’s basically the same in San Francisco), and springy colors taking over my makeup counter! I’m really into pinks this year so far — different shades of rose, muted pinks, light pinks, bright pinks. A week ago, I was over on Amanda’s blog, Little Miss Fearless, talking shades of pink for shadows, blush and lips. And of course, some spring outfits, too.

Here are some of my favorite shots (but be sure to check out Amanda’s blog for details!).






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