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“One thing I can say about you though, is that you know what you want and you GO for it.”

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Lauren Friedman is a writer, photographer, cook, daughter, sister, CU alumna, new media enthusiast, and so much more.

She loves her family, friends and her two cats, Izzy and Jasper.

She is a self-diagnosed workaholic (although many people who know her wouldn’t disagree). She questions everything and is constantly looking for new ways to pique her curiosity. She’s been known to dip her toes in too many puddles for her feet to stay grounded.

She enjoys a perfect latte, a sunny day in San Francisco, a glass of red wine, making lists (sometimes just for the sake of making them), and cooking from scratch.

As a perpetual optimist, Lauren believes you have the power to create your reality. And happily ever after is not just for fairytales.

where she’s from

Lauren was born and raised in Denver, went to school in Boulder, and followed her dreams to San Francisco. She now lives in the heart of the “Tender Nob” – five blocks from Union Square, surrounded by buildings and people and the breath of city life.

what she does

By day, she leads Social Business Enablement in the Center of Excellence at Adobe. She loves her job.

By night, she is still obsessed with social media, an aspiring photographer, avid movie-watcher, restaurant enthusiast and all-around city explorer.

When she’s not exploring San Francisco, she’s traveling the world — New York, Los Angeles, London, Sydney.


TheOffBeatReport is a reflection of Lauren’s life and her thoughts and is intended to be a window into her world.

Read it, love it, hate it, let her know.


Want more?

Email | lauren [at] theoffbeatreport [dot] com
Twitter | @Lauren_Hannah
Food blog | nomists.com
Style Blog | Aubergine or Eggplant
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