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I never thought I’d be in San Francisco for five years. When I moved to the City by the Bay in July of 2009, I honestly thought I wouldn’t “make it.”

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Over coffee with a friend last week, we talked about how quickly time passes. We agreed that, as we get older, our concept of time shifts.


It’s always around this time of year when we all tend to get a little reflective. A little hopeful. And a lot determined. We tend to recap our previous year, wrap it up in a little box, discard, and then focus on planning for the upcoming year.


If I had a nickel for every time I heard someone say, “There’s not enough time in the day!” I would be, well, filthy rich.


2013 has been a tough year so far. We’re already four months in and I’m wondering both where the time went and why it can’t go faster. Now, in the scheme of things, this year hasn’t been that bad.


I wasn’t going to write this blog post. Well, I was going to write it, but not the way it’s now written. I’m not one to be incentivized to write product reviews.


The Girls

I went to a very large high school in Colorado. There were about 4,000 students total and just shy of 1,000 in my graduating class. Needless to say, I certainly didn’t know everyone. Post high school, I chose to go to the University of Colorado in Boulder.


2012, was a year of movement. It was a year of exploration and realization. Last year was a year of pushing boundaries, testing limits, trying and failing and flailing and resurfacing stronger than before.


Last week I had dinner with a bunch of strangers. And it was awesome.


It’s a serendipitous story, really.

The boyfriend and I have decided to move in together.


Last weekend, the Boyfriend and I went exploring. For the past five months or so, we’ve been on opposite schedules and haven’t been able to spend a whole lot of quality time together. The remedy? Taking a quick road trip to Hog Island Oyster Farm in Marshall, CA.


Remember, in high school, when you met that one girl (or guy) with whom you just clicked? You both liked the same music, the same burrito bowl at Chipotle, the same smoothie at Jamba Juice, and therefore you were soulmates — attached at the hip. You wove together friendship bracelets and swear you’d never ever take yours off.