Ahhh Summertime…

I love summer. Last night, on a whim, I ventured up Baseline Road in Boulder to “The Rock” in the Flatiron peaks. It’s a long, windy road – somewhat difficult to navigate in the darkness. What was even more difficult to map was the trail that led to “The Rock.” It was... read more

Forgetting you-know-who

Attention: Spoilers ahead! (just in case you haven’t seen it) I watched “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” last night for about the fifth time. It’s a pretty funny flick, but after this viewing, I have determined there’s more to it than just crude humor.  The romantic... read more

Legalize the green?

The legalization of marijuana has been a hot-button topic for quite some time. Especially in Boulder, Colo., where I currently reside. Now, the idea of legalizing marijuana has taken a different turn. Legalizing marijuana to boost the economy. On Thursday March, 25,... read more

The culmination

It’s amazing how it seems four years of your life turn into two ceremonies, a party and one piece of paper. Is this what it really means to graduate? No. Graduation means so much more. It means that you endured four years of classes, papers, exams and presentations.... read more

Bleed black & gold

Today, I will put on my black gown, cap and red tassle. Today, I will walk down the isle of Macky Auditorium when my name is called. Today, I will receive my diploma (or at least a book to put it in). Today, is the culmination of my college career.  Today, I... read more

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