Just friends?

So, I just went through an interesting experience. One that I’ve been through before, but this time was a little different. The guy from my Chivalry Lives! post has officially told me he “just wants to be friends.” Not gonna lie, I saw it coming – he went to Chicago... read more

Another graduation

  My brother graduated from high school this week. I can’t believe it.   First, he graduated from the same high school that I attended four years ago. Four years ago, I sat in the same chairs on the Stutler Bowl stadium. I wore the same robe, the same tassel. I walked... read more

Ahhh Summertime…

I love summer. Last night, on a whim, I ventured up Baseline Road in Boulder to “The Rock” in the Flatiron peaks. It’s a long, windy road – somewhat difficult to navigate in the darkness. What was even more difficult to map was the trail that led to “The Rock.” It was... read more

Forgetting you-know-who

Attention: Spoilers ahead! (just in case you haven’t seen it) I watched “Forgetting Sarah Marshall” last night for about the fifth time. It’s a pretty funny flick, but after this viewing, I have determined there’s more to it than just crude humor.  The romantic... read more

Legalize the green?

The legalization of marijuana has been a hot-button topic for quite some time. Especially in Boulder, Colo., where I currently reside. Now, the idea of legalizing marijuana has taken a different turn. Legalizing marijuana to boost the economy. On Thursday March, 25,... read more

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