Get out of your own damn way

I’ve come to learn a few things in my ripe old age of 22. In fact, I learn something new every single day. Whether it’s to disregard crosswalk signals and literally watch the traffic before you cross in order to avoid an untimely death, or that La Boulange has the best iced latte I’ve ever had in my life – it’s always something. More importantly (not saying that avoiding getting hit by oncoming traffic and drinking the finest iced latte ever made aren’t important) I’ve learned that happiness is another one of those things you have to create. I heard this song the other day (don’t make fun) and the lyrics really resonated with me. “Someone just tell me that it’s ok now/What are you worried about/Got my dreams, got my life, got my love/Got my friends, got the sunshine from above/Why am I being so hard on myself/When there’s so many beautiful reasons I have to be happy/People lie, people hide, people cry, people fight/And they don’t know why/If fear is all that we should fear/Then what are we so afraid of/Cause fear is only in our heads” “Happy” by Natasha Bedingfield So, as a writer often does, I took a step back and listened to these words. Then, of course, applied some analysis. I find that many people (including myself) focus on the negative things in their lives. No matter what great, spectacular things are going on in their lives, they’ll find the one thing that bugs them, the one damn thing that they can’t seem to get under control, and they focus on that. That one,... read more

I may be single, but I am not alone…

First of all, it’s good to be back writing on this blog… After ten days of straight photos, my fingertips are stoked to be back on the keys. I have big news. ***(drumroll please)*** I’m featured on another blog tomorrow! The wonderful Amy of Midtown Girl, a blog about life in NYC has this little series going on. It’s called “Single in My City.” She asked me a bunch of questions about being single in the city and what the dating scene in San Francisco is like. Be sure to check it out tomorrow! So, this little interview got me thinking. I’ve been in this city for a little over three months (I know! I can’t believe it!). I’m over the honeymoon stage. Yes, I still get excited when I think about where I am and how I got here. It’s still crazy to me how everything fell into place. But, reality has settled in a bit. This is my life. I wake up, go to work, come home, make dinner, go to bed, wake up and do it all over again. The weekends are still full of randomness and new experiences (and I’m sure they will be for a long time). Nonetheless, I’m through with the initial excitement and adrenaline rush of being out here. As most of you know, I moved out here and knew no one. Not a single soul. This has truly been an adventure. And I’ve loved it and hated it at the same time. Once the thrill of just being here wore off, I began to feel homesick. Not for the places, the... read more

And the winner is…

ME!!! Lauren: 200 total comments Justin: 67 total comments Wow. How crazy. I have to say that this photoblog-off was a great experience. It got me out, taking photos and exploring parts of San Francisco that I have never seen before. Photography has changed the way I see things. It’s hard to explain, really, but now, I look at the world, the city, people, as art. Not just as “things.” Justin and I thoroughly enjoyed this contest – and as soon as he gets a fancy SLR camera, I’m sure we will embark on another photo contest. Possibly one that’s a little more fair Thank you to everyone who has voted! I sincerely that you all keep coming back to my blog to check out new photos and posts! I love how many readers I have gained, and I truly appreciate your readership! Keep checking back! See all my photos! Day 1 Day 2 Day 3 Day 4 Day 5 Day 6 Day 7 Day 8 Day 9 Day... read more

Social Media: A Tool Not a Distraction

Social media can seem overwhelming. Trying to keep up with what your friends are doing on Facebook, following experts on Twitter and reading up on blogs can be time-consuming. Once you’ve exposed yourself to the social sphere and are just as addicted as everyone else, it’s important to strike a balance between work and social life.

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