Grace in small things

1. Waking up every morning to sunlight showering my studio 2. Ritchie, the doorman, telling me to have a good day everyday on my walk to work 3. The view from my 14th floor office 4. Working with the greatest people in San Francisco 5. Izzy purring 6. My family... read more


Several months ago, my stepmom decided she wanted to compete in the Alcatraz swim here in San Francisco. Yeah. I said it. She swam from Alcatraz all the way to the bay. She’s nuts. Originally, my aunt, cousin and stepmom were intending on swimming, but due to a... read more

Through images…

One morning, on my walk to work, I saw a man playing the saxophone on the street corner. He was probably 65-years-old. He was dressed in practically rags. Plaid rags. He wore a black beret and had set himself up on an empty, blue plastic carton. He had no sheet music,... read more

First date diarrhea mouth?

Random side-note: when it comes to google analytics, California just beat Colorado in number of page visits to my blog. Where are my 303s representin’??? I’ve never been very into how many people view my blog. I mean, I always look and see if people are reading it,... read more

One. Whole. Month.

Can you believe it?? Talk about time flying.. I have officially been in San Francisco one month. Today. I can’t believe it. It some aspects, it feels like I’ve been here forever; in others, only a few days. Nonetheless, it has been one whole month of me living in the... read more

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