Interfaith Q&A

After my last post, How About Peace?, I received some questions from a Twitter friend about religion and my beliefs when it comes to marriage.   Q: What, if anything do you expect from your (future) partner? Same religion, same beliefs, or does it matter? A: I think... read more

How about peace?

I had lunch with my cousin yesterday. It was a great lunch – we went to Cantina Laredo in the 29th Street Mall in Boulder, had margaritas and ate lots of Mexican food. Midway through the meal, our small talk and catching up turned into a very interesting conversation.... read more


My roommate officially moves out of our apartment today. Crazy. We got randomly placed together in the dorms freshman year and have lived together ever since. I couldn’t imagine living with anyone else. One of the first conversations we had consisted of “I’m bringing... read more

From the heart

I was told yesterday, by my mother, that I need to keep writing from my heart. That my posts on my blog are about important things in my life and that I need to continue to write and express myself, no matter what. Well, my relationship with my mother is important to... read more

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