My inspirations… Always changing and growing.

Special Note: These are the blogs that I read religiously every day. There are many more I read daily; however, the ones that appear on this list have truly touched me. I have met (either personally or virtually) every one of these authors, and that’s how this list is going to remain. If you’d like to be added to the list, let’s talk!

  • The BAF Signal: Written by my dad, this blog is everchanging and full of interesting information. As always, my dad is the “Beacon of Reason” and is always great at giving advice.
  • It’s Unbeweavable: Miss Elizabeth Marie writes about everything from fashion to relationships. She is always open and, quite frankly, changed my life.
  • San Francisco Noobs: Casi picked up and left her life much like I did and her blog is the full of life, pzazz, and the essence of a San Francisco Noobie. I can always relate to something in each post!
  • Kaci Johanna: Kaci a self-proclaimed girly-girl and a country (well, sort of) girl that I have become very close with. She is an amazing person and an even better friend with lots of ambition!
  • Nicole is Better: Nicole is an incredibly talented writer with the ability to convey sarcasm through each pose. Anyone who knows anything about writing knows how hard it is. She makes light if the most difficult situations and isn’t afraid to “live her life out loud.” She’s one of the gutsiest, ambitious women I know.
  • A Life in Translation: Jamie is another writer of funnies. She is also an incredible web designer, has her own company and has the ability to bring sunshine into every situation.
  • ‘Til the River Runs Dry: Courtney is a fantastic writer, singer and songwriter. She is highly inspirational in all of her blog posts and songs. She talks about “real life stuff.” Stuff that some people don’t have the guts to talk about.
  • Ophelia’s Webb: Elisa is just a doll. Hailing from Portland, Maine, I had the deepest pleasure of meeting her at a Tweetup in San Francisco. Her writing is insatiable. And she’s even more irresistible in person!
  • Life After College: Jenny is quite possibly one of the most successful young women I have ever met. I can honestly say that she is doing incredible things with her life. Life After College is just one aspect, but it draws you in immediately. Posting about everything from work to relationships, Jenny knows how to captivate an audience.
  • Vibrations of a Vixen: Anonymous (but I know who she is, and I’ve met her, and she’s amazing!!!): This is, quite possibly, the most fascinatingly racy blog I’ve ever read. Frankly, I’m addicted to this blog, and all of it’s risque deliciousness.
  • Jessica Roy’s BlogJessica is a profoundly talented writer. Each piece she crafts captures my undivided attention. I get lost in her words and her ability to eloquently and transparently express feelings and situations that are most difficult to explain.