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Life List

Ever changing and always ambitious.


  1. Travel to Europe (esp. Rome, Spain and Greece)London, April 2011
  2. Spend at least a weekend in Washington DC as an adult
  3. Spend at least a weekend in New Orleans as an adult
  4. Spend at least a weekend in Chicago as an adultFebruary 2011
  5. Spend at least a weekend in New York City as an adultMay 2011
  6. Take a “girl’s trip” to Mexico
  7. Travel to Israel (Birthright totally counts)
  8. Take a day trip by flight (fly AM, fly back PM same day)October 7, 2010, Los Angeles
  9. Take a flight that requires boarding from stairs on the runwayOctober 7, 2010, Los Angeles
  10. Go to JamaicaDecember 2009
  11. Go on a business tripDecember 2009, Los Angeles



  1. Learn the art of photographySeptember 2010 and ongoing
  2. Learn to cook like a chefFirst Class Cooks with Casi
  3. Make a homemade 4-course meal during a dinner party
  4. Write and successfully publish a book
  5. Rekindle my Spanish-speaking skills
  6. Make a gourmet, three-course meal from scratch (using a cookbook counts)
  7. Be Editor in Chief of a newspaper – Spring 2009, CU Independent
  8. Publish my own Community Journalism magazine May 2009
  9. Train a horseSummer 2009, Sonny



  1. Move to San FranciscoJuly 5, 2009
  2. Take a cooking classFirst Class Cooks with Casi
  3. Get a couples massage on the beach
  4. Get an SFMOMA Membership – September, 2010 thanks to my dad
  5. Meet someone from the Internet that lives in another state – August 22, 2010 (Andrew Norcross)
  6. Meet a blog friend in personApril 24, 2010 (Casi)
  7. Compete in a costume contestJuly 2010, Company Party
  8. Start a food blog (in correlation with my cooking classes) Summer 2010, with Casi
  9. Write something completely too personal and publish it without using a pen nameMillennials Mag
  10. Go Ziplining in the Redwood Forest May 2011


  1. Purchase the Louboutins I crave to wear on my wedding day
  2. Pay all my bills, on-time, for six months straight
  3. Earn a HUGE promotionCommunity Management Supervisor



  1. Get married
  2. Make my dream wedding come true
  3. Have children
  4. Go speed dating
  5. Write about the lives of my grandparents (a book, a blog post, whatever)

Physical feats

  1. Take a Yoga ClassFebruary 2010
  2. Make it through a healthy cleanse – August 2010
  3. Fit into a pair of jeans from High School – August 2010
  4. Take a Bikram Yoga class and not faintMarch 2011
  5. Climb Half Dome
  6. Take real, non-choreographed, kickboxing classes



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