Over coffee with a friend last week, we talked about how quickly time passes. We agreed that, as we get older, our concept of time shifts (The Boyfriend and I have talked about this, too). When we were young, five minutes seemed like an eternity. An hour? Holy smokes. But now, the days blur together. I wake up, get dressed, spend eight hours of my day working, travel home, go to the gym, cook dinner, relax for a bit, go to bed and start over again. And the time flies. It’s a good reminder to slow down and reflect.

The past couple months have been some of the most fulfilling months I’ve had. My new role at Adobe is inspiring. I am loving the work I’m doing. I come to the office excited for the projects I’m owning and moving forward. I love the people. I’m really pushing myself and it feels great. The opportunities are overwhelming in the best way possible.

The middle of January, I completed the Conscious Cleanse. It’s a cleanse in the truest sense of the word, even though I don’t like the word. I always associate “cleanse” with deprivation. With eating funky things or nothing at all and craving cheeseburgers and fries. This cleanse, however, is about eliminating “food demons,” common allergens and foods that are difficult to digest. Instead, you’re nourishing your body with whole foods, and then reintroducing some foods to your diet and seeing how they make you, your body feel. I’ve tried plenty of fad diets that don’t ever explain why I’m cutting out bread, but you can eat hot dogs. The Conscious Cleanse does just that. The program explains food’s effects on your digestive system and gives you a framework for how to determine what foods your body has a hard time digesting. Then, it’s about eating consciously. Now that I know how my body reacts to certain foods, I make different choices. Yes, I still eat cheese and bread and drink wine, but the frequency has changed because I know how I feel when I eat or drink these foods. I’m eating consciously. And I have never felt better.

The Boyfriend planned the best Valentine’s Day to date. A gorgeous hike and a delicious meal. It’s funny how priorities shift when you’ve made big lifestyle changes. We’re in it together and I’m so thankful for his support.

Two weekends ago, my best friend came to visit. It was such a perfect weekend. I made no plans (I know, shocking!) and we lived in the moment. We did what we wanted when we wanted to do it. We were dealing with some feisty weather, so we had to be adaptable. We stayed up until the early morning hours talking, laughing, crying, we shopped and ate and bowled. Most importantly, we were together.

Rachael and I are turning into ladies who lunch. We’ve instituted weekly lunches (we’re currently on week two, so hopefully we keep this up!) but it’s such a perfect way to spend time with her in the middle of the week. Balance. Reset.

This first quarter of the year has been busy. Launching a training program, speaking at a conference, hosting a slew of visitors. And it’s not slowing down. Travel, more visitors, concerts, events, work. But I am so happy. I’m doing everything that I want to be doing. So that the “busy-ness” is okay. And I’ll still take the time to slow down and reflect.


More and less.

January 2, 2014

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November 20, 2013

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October 9, 2013

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September 25, 2013

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