Chivalry lives!

So, I went on a date last night. I haven’t been on a real date in quite some time. You know, a real date – like when the guy actually puts some effort into planning some kind of outing for just the two of you. I know, seems outlandish, right?

It appears as if chivalry is a dying breed – that women don’t “need” polite men. However, a few manners never hurt anyone.

I met this guy at my work. We talked for a while and ended up exchanging phone numbers. He’s been keeping in touch with me for the past couple weeks and he took me out last night. He asked me what my favorite foods were and was worried that the place he picked for Greek food wasn’t going to be “fancy” enough. He showed genuine interest in making me happy. He opened the car door, doors to the restaurant and doors to Blockbuster. He paid for everything, held a great conversation and wasn’t uncomfortable at all throughout the night. We rented two movies (in case one was bad) and cuddled on the couch. We kissed at the end of the night, he never pushed for anything more. Then he drove home.

He was a perfect gentleman. And I loved every second of it.

It felt great being treated that way – kind of refreshing.

Why? You ask. I honestly don’t remember the last time someone was so polite and respectful to me. It’s disappointing. It seems like most guys are on the same track and either were never taught chivalrous behaviors or chose not to care enough to practice them. But, I can’t entirely blame the male gender.

It’s the woman’s fault not to hold men to the standards necessary to uphold the courtesy we deserve. Women are disrespected because we ask for nothing more. We don’t expect anything therefore we don’t get anything. We are taught now, to declare ourselves equal to men in all regards and we, therefore, are in no need of special treatment. Of course, I agree with this equality. However, women need to realize that chivalry shouldn’t be deemed condescending, instead, it’s a way of showing respect and affection.

I found, after this date, that if you hold someone to certain chivalrous standards, if they truly care, they will rise to these expectations.

And you can finally be treated the way you deserve.


Now, that’s refreshing.



What does it mean to be chivalrous?


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fantasiaspillowtalk April 18, 2009 at 4:03 pm

Awesome post! yes< i know one or two – but you are corriect. I do believe that it is because we
a) don’t expect it
b) don’t demand it
c) don’t write them off when they don’t step up.

It says more about how we feel about ourselves then it does about them. Great post.


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