June was the month of travel for me. I spent the first 3 days of June in New York city, taking in the sites and sounds (and EATS!) of the city that never sleeps. On the 3rd of June, I embarked on the longest bout of international travel I’ve had the luxury of experiencing. As […]


I spent last week in the Big Apple. It was an insanely productive week of meeting with customers and prospects, catching up with old friends, and meeting some new ones. I haven’t spent more than a few days in New York City as an adult. Those few days (two quick trips in the last two […]


I wasn’t going to write this blog post. Well, I was going to write it, but not the way it’s now written. I’m not one to be incentivized to write product reviews.


The Girls

I went to a very large high school in Colorado. There were about 4,000 students total and just shy of 1,000 in my graduating class. Needless to say, I certainly didn’t know everyone. Post high school, I chose to go to the University of Colorado in Boulder.


The Art of Doing Nothing

Every year I fly to Arizona to spend either Christmas or New Years with my grandparents. They live in a little town called Carefree, just north of Scottsdale. Carefree is just as it sounds — a sleepy town littered with cacti and adobe houses. They’ve lived in Arizona for as long as I can remember.


I’m currently on day seven of being in Las Vegas. Generally, I hit my “Vegas Max” at four days. Alas, I’m still here.

And I’m exhausted.

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Sometimes I can’t believe I have a job that allows me to travel abroad. I love traveling and soaking in new and different cultures.


This summer, I actually went on vacation. I hadn’t been on vacation, on a real vacation where I don’t check email or dial into just one conference call, since 2009. I was due.


13 Days

Today marks day 1 of the longest time I’ve been away from San Francisco since I moved two and a half years ago.


Two years ago today, my dad and I unloaded the last box from our rented Penske truck after driving 21 hours from Boulder to San Francisco. I was nervous, excited and scared. But mostly excited.


I hate surprises. When plans are made that involve me, I like to know what they are, who they’re with, when they’re happening, what to wear — all the details. When someone tries to surprise me, I generally guess it (and always get it right), or get so frustrated and angry that they end up telling me.


To everyone who is reading this that I had the pleasure of meeting in Vegas for #BiSC, this will be redundant. To everyone who is reading this that did not attend #BiSC, DO IT NEXT YEAR.