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To everyone who is reading this that I had the pleasure of meeting in Vegas for #BiSC, this will be redundant.

To everyone who is reading this that did not attend #BiSC, DO IT NEXT YEAR.

Let’s play a little game: Never had I ever.

Never had I ever stayed in a hotel room with a TV in the bathroom mirror.

Never had I ever spent two days lounging on reserved daybeds, around a pool, in Vegas.

Never had I ever spent $40 on a bucket of 5 Coronas. Several times.

Never had I ever sat down to dinner with 10 almost-strangers.

Never had I ever tasted a Red Velvet Martini. Complete with a cream cheese frosted rim.

Never had I ever mixed champagne and Red Bull. And didn’t barf.

Never had I ever seen a more-than-half-naked hot chick tap dance in a balloon.

Never had I ever seen such creative interpretations of the use of a wheel of tongues. (I had to say it.)

Never had I ever seen so many people come together to celebrate engagement and mourn a loss.

Never had I ever been surrounded with so much blogger love in one place, in real life.

Never had I ever met so many incredible people, people whom I felt like I already knew. People who’ve touched my life and heart in so many ways.

It’s really amazing what the Internet is capable of. These people, these bloggers are real people. And I feel like the luckiest girl in the world to be able to call them friends.

Special thanks to all the sponsors who helped bring all of this together: The Flamingo Hotel, Shatterboxx, Absinthe, Babeland, Hair Flairs, sprayology, Think Geek, Bitter Baking Company, BuildASign, Davide Saxe Productions, nuNAAT, Pink Kisses, Pop Chips, Sir Richard’s, SKYY Vodka, Swiss Maid Fudge, USA Pears, twisted sista, Vita CoCo.

And, of course, Nicole, for bringing all of us together to create the magic that is Bloggers in Sin City. Friendships for life.

Want more? Check out Almie’s recap video πŸ˜‰

Photo Credit: The lovely Rebecca Freeman

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