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Two years ago today, my dad and I unloaded the last box from our rented Penske truck after driving 21 hours from Boulder to San Francisco. I was nervous, excited and scared. But mostly excited.

July 5, 2009 simultaneously feels like yesterday and so long ago.

This past year has been filled with wonderment. I’ve grown to love San Francisco more and more each day — something I didn’t think was possible.

I started my second year in San Francisco immersed in technology in all aspects of my life. Most fondly, online dating. I created the Online Dating Chronicles section of this blog in which I detailed my hilarious experiences with online dating. In the end, however, my endeavor was ultimately fruitful.

I created my Life List (and have crossed quite a few items off of it). It’s ever-changing and always evolving and reminds me of the bigger picture in my life.

This past year, I discovered that I write best about personal experiences and stories. Many of these stemmed from conversations I had with complete strangers — on airplanes.

I discovered that friends come into our lives for seasons, reasons or lifetimes.

And I’ve been blessed to meet some lifetime friends along the way.

My friendship with Casi is stronger than ever. I attribute many of the incredible times had this past year to spending time with her; exploring, cooking, living. I’m still just as blessed as I was to have met her in San Francisco. She has enriched my life in San Francisco more than I’d ever imagined.

We even embarked on our own (slightly neglected at this point) adventure in a food blog.

I moved from my tiny fifth-floor studio apartment to an incredible studio in the same building on the top floor. The sun and the space enlighten every single day. I love this home.

A new member of my family was introduced in October. Jasper, my adorable little rugrat of a cat is still wreaking havoc on my apartment and on my first cat, Izzy.

I learned that in life, you need to cherish every single victory — no matter how small.

I’ve come to realize that this life, in San Francisco, is exactly the way I’ve always wanted it to be. However, that doesn’t take away my roots. Visiting Colorado is no longer “weird” or “strange.” It will always be home. And the people there — my best friend, my family — make it exactly that.

Once I finally got out of my own way, my online dating experiences finally led me to meet an incredibleman. One that I am proud to call my boyfriend. The past seven months of this year in San Francisco have been full of dates, parties, cooking, and quiet nights in with him. It’s an incredible feeling to know you have someone to share your life with, and I am so thankful and excited for many more memories. I truly let happiness create itself.

I had a Birthday Party in which there were two tables: one filled with colleagues from Context Optional, and one filled with friends. It was at that time that I realized all of my friends in San Francisco I met on the Internet. What a beautiful way to turn online relationships into real-life, true friendships. I’m blessed.

traveled. A lot.

New York, Chicago, Los Angeles, London — all for work. I’m so lucky to have a job that allows me to travel to such incredible cities. I also learned that traveling for work, while awesome, is not as glamorous as I’d imagined.

I came to terms that sometimes, I need to slow down. Live in the now. Take a break, breathe, rejuvenate.

Big things happened at work. Context Optional was acquired by Efficient Frontier. Now, we’re able to do a lot of the things we’d always hoped to do but didn’t have the resources to do them. While I miss being part of a start-up (I was one of the first Context Optional employees!), it’s empowering to be part of something bigger.

I received a big promotion. I’m now officially in charge of the Community Management team at Context Optional, and my team is growing rapidly. We’ve just hired two new members — one in London, and one in San Francisco. I’m excited and nervous for all to come. There’s a lot I’m still learning, and it’s so amazing to be given so much responsibility. I still love my job.


Bloggers in Sin City. Need I say more? This was one of the most rewarding experiences I’ve had this past year. 57 bloggers, from around the continent, traveled to Vegas for one long weekend of fun, friends, bonding, blogging, poolside dancing, drinking and more. I finally got to meet Kaci — which felt more like meeting a long lost friend than meeting a stranger for the first time. The 53 ladies and 4 gentlemen are some of the most incredible people I’ve ever met.

I traveled to Colorado to celebrate my “niece’s” first Birthday. I can’t believe that my best friend has a one-year-old. She’s such an incredible mother — if I grow up to be half the mother she is to baby Ashlynn, my kids will be alright. I’m so proud of her and of the little toddler. While it’s hard to be away, missing the little things, it makes the times that I get to visit her that much more special.

Last year, I explored all the nooks and crannies of San Francisco. The different neighborhoods, places to eat, bars, clubs. This year, I explored the broader Bay Area. Sonoma, Healdsburg, Half Moon Bay, and more. I took the boyfriend ziplining in the Redwood Canopy and to Yosemite National Park. NorCal continues to take my breath away.

Like I said in my one year recap post, I still pinch myself, trying to wake up from this dream of a life I’ve created (and have been blessed with).

Thank you, San Francisco, for yet another incredible year. I look forward to where you’ll take me next.



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